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2018 Ebikes arriving form Bergamont and others: What are the trends?

By Paul, Oct 19 2017 12:10PM

See how happy we are with our new bikes ... well... demo bikes for the shop.

Kat had a lovely step-through and Paul a full-on Mountan bike! (no accounting for taste is there?)

Sadly the MTB's will be a bit longer arriving but we have some step through models in stock already.

Trends to differentiate the 2018 models seem to be;

Smoother integrated in-frame batteries make the bikes look less clumsy

Trend towards crank motors (see earlier post) rather than hub

Better colour choice which says "I'm proud to be riding an electric bike!"

Lighter weight

Higher torque (hill climbing ability)

Bigger distance batteries

Easy gears

A few smaller bikes coming with crank motors.... best of both worlds .... Thanks Bergamont and Eljoy!

As usual some 2017 bikes have stayed in the 2018 range, basically as the base models but beware of 'end of season bargains', at best these are often 2016 or older bikes, at worst they are well used hire or demo bikes or simply don't exist other than on the internet .... to get you hooked!

Bottom pics are an Eljoy Liberty Max custom colour ready to be delivered ... Gotta love that. And the current Eljoy's in stock.. mens and ladies ...

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