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NEW KTM's Well worth the money.....

By Paul, Jan 27 2017 05:26PM

The sun came out today! so I decided to take the two new KTM's (that came in over Christmas!) out of the shop for the first time.

I rode the Force (MTB) first and as soon as the pedals started to turn, I was impressed. This bike has the CX PERFORMANCE-LINE motor from BOSCH and yep. . . . . it does. It made the hill by the shop so easy, I had to come back and try another bike in case I just ate too many Weetabix this morning . . . . I hadn't!

As you would expect from KTM, the [100% Austrian] build quality is superb, the setup gives excellent feedback to the rider and the head display is comprehensive as it stands and can be upgraded with all the latest toys like fitness functions, GPS mapping and smartphone integration.

The same system is fitted to the KTM JOY (hybrid type) although not the performance motor, however the the low and solid ladies model here was super comfy to ride and gives you the feeling that you could take on almost any riding conditions on this bike. Both have ample size batteries for their designated use giving a comfortable 60 mile range under varying riding conditions.

They both look good but KTM have thought of everything, with a range of styles, colours and choice of FRAME TYPE (mens/ladies/step through) and SIZE in all models.

I'll be getting more KTM's in different styles as they roll off the production line in Austria and can order eveything from their catalogue. There are literally thousands of variations!

Check them all out at: http://www.ktm-bikes.at/en/bikes/e-bike.html

Prices start at around £2000.

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