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By Paul, Feb 9 2017 04:53PM

Blow away the winter blues with a new e-bike that you will love to ride whatever the weather (instead of leaving in the shed until......... err......... when?)

If it gets cold you can get home easily and quickly or keep warm and pedal more yourself.... You choose how much help you get from the motor. Come and have a go, a smile is guaranteed!

All our bikes are high quality from European / British based manufacturers and can be used all year round even in Cumbria!

By Paul, Jan 27 2017 05:26PM

The sun came out today! so I decided to take the two new KTM's (that came in over Christmas!) out of the shop for the first time.

I rode the Force (MTB) first and as soon as the pedals started to turn, I was impressed. This bike has the CX PERFORMANCE-LINE motor from BOSCH and yep. . . . . it does. It made the hill by the shop so easy, I had to come back and try another bike in case I just ate too many Weetabix this morning . . . . I hadn't!

As you would expect from KTM, the [100% Austrian] build quality is superb, the setup gives excellent feedback to the rider and the head display is comprehensive as it stands and can be upgraded with all the latest toys like fitness functions, GPS mapping and smartphone integration.

The same system is fitted to the KTM JOY (hybrid type) although not the performance motor, however the the low and solid ladies model here was super comfy to ride and gives you the feeling that you could take on almost any riding conditions on this bike. Both have ample size batteries for their designated use giving a comfortable 60 mile range under varying riding conditions.

They both look good but KTM have thought of everything, with a range of styles, colours and choice of FRAME TYPE (mens/ladies/step through) and SIZE in all models.

I'll be getting more KTM's in different styles as they roll off the production line in Austria and can order eveything from their catalogue. There are literally thousands of variations!

Check them all out at: http://www.ktm-bikes.at/en/bikes/e-bike.html

Prices start at around £2000.

By Paul, Dec 15 2016 04:13PM

Sport Marketing Surveys Inc asked the question and below are their results. These numbers come from the SMS INC. International Cycling Behaviour Programme.

Of those surveyed 43% said they were likely or very likely to buy an e-bike in the next 2 years.

According to the poll, a third of UK cyclists like the idea of e-bikes, but are unlikely to consider buying one themselves, whilst around a quarter would consider owning one and 15% like the idea of e-bikes and would definitely be interested in buying one.

By Paul, Dec 9 2016 06:20PM

Posted on 1 Dec 2016 in Business News , Cycles News , Creative News, Outdoor News

UK consumers show their loyalty to independent businesses in miles, says American Express research.

Research released by American Express ahead of Small Business Saturday shows the extent of consumer loyalty to small businesses, with UK consumers willing to make a 36 mile round-trip to visit their favourite independent businesses, and 85% willing to go out of their way to return to a small business.

The research found that the personal service and knowledge offered by independent business owners is key when winning customer loyalty. When consumers were asked why they are prepared to make a special trip, over half cited the personal service (59%) and the specialist knowledge (49%) they receive from small business owners as the main reasons. A third (33%) of people questioned said they know the staff by name.

Over half of those surveyed (56%) said they would continue to use a small business even if they moved location - such is their loyalty to their much-loved stores. And 47% would travel to another town or city to go to a small shop they like.

Couldn't agree more!


This will give others a chance to benefit and make it easier for me to compete with Tesco and Halfords!

By Paul, Nov 17 2016 12:43PM

Posted on 15 Nov 2016 in Cycles News , Political News

New report by British Cycling suggests tax incentives for employees and businesses, to encourage bike commuting.

People should receive £250 a year in tax breaks if they cycle to work, according to a proposal to improve public health and business productivity backed by some of the UK's biggest companies and Olympians.

According to a report published by British Cycling, as well as individual cyclists claiming a tax break, businesses should be able to claim back in tax up to £100,000 in construction works such as bike parking, showers or other cyclist facilities.

The study, written by tax barrister Jolyon Maugham QC, was produced for British Cycling's Choose Cycling network of businesses, whose supporters include Tesco, GSK, Santander and Coca-Cola.

The campaign has received support from Paralympic cyclist Dame Sarah Storey, who commented "Britain's businesses have woken up to the benefits that cycling can bring to their employees and it's about time that the government followed suit.

"It's only right that if a company invests heavily in providing high quality changing and bike storage facilities - things that will help our nation become healthier and fitter - that they should get a tax incentive for it."

Under the proposal, employees who mostly cycle to work for a period of at least 10 months a year (monitored by a downloadable phone app), would be able to claim a £250 tax rebate.

The report estimates the plan would initially cost the Treasury about £120m a year.

Companies which install bike parking or other facilities would be able to claim 100% of the costs of up to £100,000 in the first year they were built. This expenditure was calculated to about £50m a year.

Chris Boardman, the Olympic and Tour de France cyclist who is now British Cycling's policy adviser, said measures to get more people on bikes would more than pay for themselves. "If more people cycled to work regularly, the government would save millions on squeezed NHS budgets and our roads would be much less congested.

"That in itself would more than pay for a £250 tax break and would provide a real incentive for people to live more active lives."

By Paul, Nov 8 2016 02:44PM

I thought I would just post this since a few customers have mentioned it. The cycle industry seems to be moving towards 700c (around 28") wheels and the smaller frame sizes are difficult to get.

This is not such an issue with 'normal' bikes because they are lighter and lean over easier but it's important with an e-bike.

What I have done for some customers is to change some parts to make the bike lower which makes it feel more stable and improves riding confidence.

On this Freego Martin City [sport] I have added a lowered seat post (here the lady has raised it as her confidence rose), addded flat, hybrid bars instead of Dutch style and lowered them for a more sporty feel to the bike, still whith easy step through. On an e-bike, leg extension is also less critical as less power is needed from your leg.

Come and have a chat about customizing an e-bike for your specific needs.

By Paul, Nov 4 2016 03:23PM

Anyone looking for a cheap deal on a Freego Electric Bike need look no further than Eden-e-motion.

Most models in stock and absoutely no strings attached.

We have some of our own deals in addition so never a better time to treat yourself or a loved one to a Christmas surprise that will be a great long lasting investment as well!

By Paul, Nov 3 2016 06:39PM

Posted on 1 Nov 2016 in Cycles News

UK lag behind Europe in supporting cycling among the older population.

The population across Europe is ageing as people are living longer and the birth rate is falling. Policy makers are looking at systematic approaches to support and encourage people to stay active for longer in an effort to reduce end of life morbidity and the wider impact on national health and care services.

Promoting and prolonging cycling among an ageing population is one way of achieving this, but the UK is lagging behind other European countries with just 1% of cycle journeys in the UK made by over 60's, compared to 23% in The Netherlands, 15% in Denmark and 9% in Germany.

This is one of the findings of a three-year study which set out to investigate how older people in the UK experience cycling and how this affects independence, health and wellbeing.

The cycle BOOM study led by Oxford Brookes University involved 240 participants across Oxford, Bristol, Reading and Cardiff. These were a mix of non-cyclists, current cyclists and also a group of older cyclists who wished to re-engage with cycling after a break and who took part in an eight-week ‘cycling and wellbeing' trial designed to investigate their experience and measure the impact on their mental and physical health.

Following a short cycling assessment and advice programme, participants pledged to cycle outdoors for at least 30 minutes three times a week over an 8-week period and to keep a diary of their experience. Half used an e-bike loaned to them through the project.

The majority of participants embraced using the e-bike, many cycling more than the required 90 minutes per week. Those who had difficulty walking or riding a conventional pedal cycle because of physical limitations were particularly enthusiastic. The sheer enjoyment and thrill of e-biking was a recurrent theme. Power assist was appreciated because it helped riders to tackle hills and make more frequent and longer journeys.

There was a feeling that the e-bike offered a certain degree of freedom and flexibility to move around whilst providing some form of exercise. Participants often commented that they had replaced some short journeys that they would have otherwise made by car.

Whilst these results showed that cycling has the potential to improve physical and mental health in the older population, participants reported that a number of factors including poor and unsupportive infrastructure and fear of injury from other traffic, had a negative impact on their cycling experience.

Dr Tim Jones, Reader at the School of the Built Environment, Oxford Brookes University, who led the study said: "Our research has demonstrated that older people who currently cycle, or who have tried cycling, recognise the positive benefits it can make to their health and wellbeing.

By Paul, Oct 15 2016 01:00PM

Happy to announce that we are now certified BOSCH e-bike dealers and can carry out all your your servicing and upgrade requirements, even if you didn't buy the bike from us. It means we can also sell some additional big brands in the high performance range.