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Short introduction:

The Eljoy Folder represents one of the most practical ways to get around for leisure or commuting, coping well with hills and rougher roads.


Lightest possible and  compact

The Folder is very functional – it can be stored in the boot of your car, easily taken indoors or even up the stairs in a flat and thus, it is less likely to be stolen. The 8.7Ah battery offers a range of up to 50 miles and is integrated in the frame for cleanliness.


Easiest  to  fold

The folding and unfolding process is simple and intuitive – the process takes less than 15 seconds.


Fast and reliable

This robust but super-light folder only needs three assistance levels with its powerful Bafang  250W rear hub motor. A super smooth ride is accomplished by speed and torque sensors. This Folder can take you easily to any destination with ease.




Motor                         Bafang rear hub motor,


Assistance                 3 levels of assistance

Controller                 Built in the frame

Display                       Assistance level;

                                     battery status;

                                     current, maximum and

                                     average speed;

                                     current and total  


Battery       36V/313Wh integrated in frame,

                     made in Bulgaria by Eljoy

Sensor       Torque sensor and speed sensor

Speed         Max speed 15mph

Distance     up to 104 km - depending on the

                    assistance usage

Frame                         aluminium

Tyres                            20"

Fork                             Aluminum solid fork

Gears                          8 speed

Brakes                       V brakes

Weight                        17 kg

Color                          Powder coating;

                                   any colour from our    

                                   catalogue (matt or gloss)

eljoy logo

Short introduction:

Effective and efficient – the motor (Bafang 250 W) is mounted in the rear hub and provides 5-assist levels. There are speed and PAS sensors added, which optimize the motor performance.


Customizable -Two levels of spec. are available: Standard has 8 gears and a 400Wh Battery, upgrade has a 10 speed hill climbing setup and a 500Wh battery for the adventurous rider!


Unbelieveable value – you can own Liberty at a very affordable price




Motor                  Bafang Rear Hub Motor, 250W

Assistance          5 levels of assistance

Controller          Built in the battery

Display                Assistance level, battery status

Battery              36V/313Wh (optional bigger

                             battery) Li-Ion, assembled in

                             Bulgaria by Eljoy

Sensor                 PAS sensor and speed sensor

Speed                 Max assisted speed 15mph

Distance            depending on the assistance


                        up to 104 km with 313Wh battery

                        up to 122 km with 367Wh battery

                        up to 163 km with 489Wh battery

                        up to 211 km with 633Wh battery


Frame                 aluminum

Tires                   28 inch (700 C)

Fork                     Suntour XCT, 100mm

                             suspension fork with lockout

Gears                  24: Rear derailleur Shimano

                            Altus 8 speed, Front derailleur

                            Shimano Tourney 3 speed

Brakes              Hydraulic disc brakes Tektro,

                            front disc 180mm,

                            rear disc 160mm

Weight               20 kg

Color                  Powder coating;

                           any color from our    

                           catalogue (matt or gloss)

Short introduction:

Impressively outfitted,  mid-drive electric bike. Feel the pleasure of true mobility.


Speed and accuracy

A powerful 36V 250W Bafang MAX Drive motor mounted in the middle of the frame – for optimized performance and increased mileage on a single charge.


Freedom and independence

With its five levels of assistance and sensors for torque and speed, speeds up to 15mph and it has a range of up to 130 miles!


Calm and comfort

All components are of premium quality – a fast dischargeable 36V, 8.7Ah (optional bigger battery) Li-Ion battery, eight Shimano gears and hydraulic brakes by Tektro. Liberty Max will take you anywhere you need to be, quietly and on time.



Motor                      Bafang MAX Drive mid motor,


Assistance              5 levels of assistance

Controller              Built in the motor

Display                    Assistance level;

                                 battery status;  


                                maximum and average speed;

                                current and total distance

Battery                   36V/313Wh (optional bigger

                                 battery) Li-Ion, made in

                                 Bulgaria by Eljoy

Sensor                    Torque sensor and speed

                                 sensor, light sensor

Speed                      Max speed 25 km/h

Distance      depending on the assistance usage:

                          up to 104 km with 313Wh battery

                          up to 122 km with 367Wh battery

                          up to 163 km with 489Wh battery

                          up to 211 km with 633Wh battery


Frame                      aluminum

Tires                          28 inch (700 C)

Fork                           Suntour XCT, 100mm

                                  suspension fork with lockout

Gears                      Shimano Altus 8 speed

Brakes                     Hydraulic disc brakes Tektro,

                                 front disc 180mm,

                                 rear disc 160mm

Weight                    22 kg

Color                Powder coating; any color from  

                         our catalogue (matt or gloss)

IoT                   Option for SMILE connectivity

                         upgrade – hardware set +

                         smartphone app for navigation,

          tracking and community connection (link)



ST or CB

Liberty Max

ST or CB