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Cumbria Electric Bike Specialist

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it? ...........Albert Einstein

As electric bikes become more popular there is a host of technical information available on the net to help you choose.

However it's essential to understand how this relates to the actual riding experience and what YOU need from your bike.


Taking the best [on paper] of everything and putting it together is surely going to create an expensive bike but it may not work for you.


It's easy to make a bike look great and great value online, that's why it's essential to try the exact bike (or as close to it as possible) with someone who knows the subject before you buy.


Even if you have an unlimited budget, there will be compromises... but what to compromise? Sometimes all it takes is a change of saddle or stem and you know you have the perfect bike for you.


To help you get started,  we have tried to curate some of the best hard data available for those who want to do their basic groundwork to narrow the choice before they visit us. Click the links

Here are some of the basic questions  we think you should ask...

- What is the main (and secondary) purpose of my e-bike.

- Type of terrain.

- Motor - Position and power - Manufacturer

- Battery -  Size and location - RANGE

- Frame geometry and size - for getting on, riding comfort and transportation in the car or motorhome.

- Forks and suspension - Rigid or sprung, coil or air?

- Wheel size - For comfort and handling

- Saddle fit

-What accessories can be fitted?


This list is not exhaustive so this page will be constantly updated as new information and technologies become available.