We are easy to find from all directions and have ample, easy parking.

In fact why not bring your old bikes, leave the car and enjoy a ride on some lovely lanes and trails and even a lunch at our local which is renowned locally for its welcoming atmosphere and excellent food!


We always have 20-30 e-bikes on show and in stock. All for sale (maybe except mine!).

Our brands and bikes are all hand picked for their suitability and value. We don’t just stock bikes from one manufacturer, we believe in fitting the bike to the person not the other way ’round!

How it works

We’ll have a chat and a coffee if needed, to determine your needs and can explain the pros and cons of all the options.

We have a few bikes for general demo so you get a feel for riding an e-bike on a small circuit and some confidence to try out some serious candidates on a more typical hilly ride.

We have more bikes representing all of the frame, size, motor, battery, wheels etc. options you could ever encounter!

Once you have made your choice the bike you rode is ready to take away or for us to deliver the same day.

We also keep a small stock of popular bikes in popular specs and colours but if you need a different specification, we check online with the manufacturer and order that (against a deposit) and deliver it to you fully built and tested a few days to a few weeks (depending on the spec. ) later.

Believe us it’s worth the wait to get a suitable bike.

We are e-bike experts. Should your dream-bike be unavailable, we can also offer suitable alternatives based on our knowledge and experience.