Bike Ride – Ideal Hillmaster – Great trail bike… £1999

Bike Ride – Ideal Hillmaster – Great trail bike… £1999


We wanted to to have a comfortable hard tail mountain bike of great quality and light weight, suitable for trail riding as well. I just took it for a short ride….

Ideal bikes ( from Greece have been around since 1926 and are lovely, understated bikes but right up there with quality and performance alongside much better known brands. They are not cheap but like many of the brands sold by Eden-e-Motion, we have done our research and the quality, technology and geometry are all more than competent to do the job! With the full backup of a friendly UK organisation.

The Hillmaster does exactly what we wanted it for, it has 50 Nm of torque from the Shimano STEPS E6000 system so it’s no Bosch CX -eater but with 29″ wheels, very low rolling resistance and a 5ooWh battery, long distance trails are an absolute doddle.

Shhhhhh! Don’t tell anybody but you could put some pretty sensible mudguards and a RACK and make a really great trekking bike too.

The Shimano STEPS system is simple to use and has really low drag so this bike (also being light) is really easy to ride with no assistance… but hey, why would you? Just ride a bit further and you get your exercise with a smile!