Are electric bikes getting too tall for UK riders?

Are electric bikes getting too tall for UK riders?

I thought I would just post this since a few customers have mentioned it. The cycle industry seems to be moving towards 700c (around 28″) wheels and the smaller frame sizes are difficult to get.

This is not such an issue with ‘normal’ bikes because they are lighter and lean over easier but it’s important with an e-bike.

What I have done for some customers is to change some parts to make the bike lower which makes it feel more stable and improves riding confidence.

On this Freego Martin City [sport] I have added a lowered seat post (here the lady has raised it as her confidence rose), added flat, hybrid bars instead of Dutch style and lowered them for a more sporty feel to the bike, still with easy step through. On an e-bike, leg extension is also less critical as less power is needed from your leg.

Come and have a chat about customizing an e-bike for your specific needs.