Bergamont Electric Bikes

Bergamont E-Bikes

Bergamont are the trendy subsidiary of Scott bikes…… In their own words…

Hamburg  is our home. Here, a handshake still counts, and the honest, Hanseatic mentality is valued and lived.

Our dedication knows no bounds. It engrosses us completely. We’re devoted to what we do. We work as one, ride our bikes in all conditions, we party, laugh, fight and cry together.

Our love for all things cycling is boundless. We rejoice and suffer along with our professional team riders just like we admire our customers riding their own way  on a daily basis.

We are Cumbria’s leading specialist in Bergamont and can source and have in stock a wide range of products. You are welcome to come into the shop and try them out and we can advise you on which one is right for you and discuss specifications and what particular model will suit you best.

Our Bergamont Range