Bergamont e-Ville

Bergamont e-Ville

Sales of the e-Ville range have noticeably “gone through the roof” this year.

The e-Ville is the flagship of the Bergamont (Scott sub brand) range and frankly costs significantly more than than their standard e-Horizon range but still they sell like the proverbial hot cakes, why?

Bergamont kept telling me that they were a great bike but to be honest I thought it was all hype and how much better could they be than the standard range, finally I got one in and I’m hooked too!

Lets take a look at the elements

#1 Frame and forks

The ‘BOX-Flange (has to be German doesn’t it!!!) concept really does improve stiffness so this step-through rides as well as any crossbar model. It tracks straight and corners beautifully. It’s effortless. After you have ridden one of these, all other step through frames feel well, like step through’s!

This got me thinking so I advise you (even if your budget won’t stretch to an e-Ville) to try a few brands and compare a real ‘economy’ brand (we sell them but no names mentioned) versus even the standard Bergamont or dare I say … Scott are even a bit better then Bergamont! (there are downsides to the Scott but please do come and we can talk through your needs)

All run on RockShox Air forks totally customisable for your weight and riding preference and Schwalbe puncture resistant tyres

#2 Gear/motor options

Basic 9 speed Deore derailleur with a Bosch Performance line motor – A beautiful precise ride

e-Ville PRO with full power CX motor and Nu Vinci continuous (semi automatic) gearing – Smooth and powerful on ANY hill.

e-Ville XT with full power CX motor and the legendary XT chains. “It’s a derailleur Jim, but not as we know it!!!!” If you haven’t had the pleasure, get to know this one, changes like greased lightning!

All have a 500WH battery so more range than you can imagine!

Why the e-Ville name… I don’t know, it should be e-Country if you ask me!

Unlike many models that come and go the e-Ville is a constant in the Bergamont range with an additional model for 2020, the e-Ville SUV!

Prices have gone up for 2020 though so we have a few ordered a few of the last 2019’s. It’s a heap of bike for your money, literally bomb-proof with the familiar Bosch peace-of-mind warranty. Prices start from £2899.