Bike shops are allowed by the government to remain open.

We were preparing to close even if we didn’t have to in order to set an example to others.

Because of this have had the time and space to do a couple couple of magical e-bike rides to (isolated) places we have never visited but are literally 5 minutes from our doorstep.

This has convinced us that we do indeed have a role to play not only in keeping people cycling with repairs but also in helping people get e-bikes to stay fit and safe not only during social distancing but by giving them the chance to use this time to change their outlook by including wellbeing into their lives, long after Corona is history.

How it works

In order to do this responsibly, we have to do things a bit differently.

We do not wish in any way to encourage un-necessary journeys nor human-to human contact.

But if you think an e-bike will contribute to your physical and mental wellbeing during social distancing (inside the government guidelines about exercise and travelling to work), we have devised a way for you to purchase safely from us.

Below is a gallery of bikes we have in stock or can source quickly, safely, responsibly and reliably under current guidelines.

Please take a look at the picture and brief description and give us a call or email if you something suitable appears.

We’ll talk on the phone through the details and other options that may work better for you, and are here or at warehouses in the UK 

You can  make an appointment for you to see the bikes and for a brief test ride to confirm the suitability. You can then take your bike away if it’s in stock or order one and one of us (we are isolating and following the rules ourselves) will deliver the bike personally with sanitised (as much as possible) handlebars and saddle, using the normal 2m social distancing rules.

We think in this way we are protecting everyone the best we can without denying you the benefits.

We are long established e-bike experts. All the bikes we propose and sell are of the best quality available, from globally recognised brands. They are largely covered by a 2 year manufacturers warranty and further backed up by our personal capabilities. You are welcome to return after the emergency is over for a free check up and to get the bike adjusted to your personal needs.

Keep scrolling for descriptions

Bikes in stock are medium frames unless specified


Bike 1

Shimano Futour E9 (SOLD,  new stock expected 20th may)

E6100 60Nm (like Bosch Performance line)

500 battery



Bike 2


Bosch Active + (50Nm)

400 battery



Bike 3

Gepida Reptila 900

Bosch active +

400 or 500 battery

easy hub gear

26” wheels good for smaller riders

£2149 / 2249


Bike 4

Gepida Berig        SOLD No more for foreseeable.

Bosch performance line

500 battery

Some comfort mods made to this bike



Bike 5

Bergamont e-horizon 6

Bosch active +

400 or 500 battery

We have various sizes in stock

£1999 /2249


Bike 6

Gepida Bonum curve

Bosch active +

400 in frame battery



Bike 7

Bergamont e-horizon N8

Bosch active +

500 battery

easy hub gears

large in stock



Bike 8

Scott sub Tour 30

Bosch Active +

400 in frame battery




Bike 9

KTM Macina Sport 510

Bosch performance CX gen 4 2020 75 Nm

500 in frame battery

deore shadow +



Bike 10

Ideal Orama D5

Shimano steps E6100 60 Nm

500 battery

Fully automatic _ sit pedal and go bike changes power and gears electronically according to hill



Bike 11

Bergamont E-Revox 4 SOLD (3 week delivery for orders placed now)

Bosch performance line

500 or 400



Bike 12

Ideal Hillmaster

Shimano steps E6000 50Nm

500 battery

comfortable e-MTB



Bike 13

Eljoy Tempo.    (SOLD , no more available)

Bafang hub motor

400 battery

£1150 (offer)


Bike 14

Same as bike 5

We have several of these


Bike 15

Benelli city Folder.   SOLD, no more available

Front hub motor

8.8 Ah battery about 25 mile range

A fun, light and useful commuter but maybe not for the big hills!

£595 (offer)


Bike 16

RooDog Polka Dot

Bafang hub motor

10Ah battery up to 40 miles range


(Bigger battery version available to order)


Bike 17

RooDog Chic

Bafang hub motor

30 mile battery


(battery options available to order)

Bike 18

RooDog Bliss folder.         SOLD but we have other similar bikes

Bafang hub motor

10Ah battery 30 miles

Rugged folder



Bike 19

Gepida Turisind        SOLD, few left in UK warehouse be quick!

Bosch Performance line

500 Wh battery

Super easy hub gears



Bike 20

KTM Macina Sport 510.      SOLD both of these NO more this year

Bosch performance CX gen 4 2020 75 Nm

500 in frame battery

deore shadow +

Size 44 cm (rare – small bike MASSIVE power