How far can you go?

How long is a piece of string?

Answer is  – It depends!

One of my customers was in the process of buying bikes for him and his wife and asked me this question so I gave him the info and handed over the handy little Bosch guide which is very accurate (an interactive version is available HERE) but he said ” that’s all well and good lad, but will it take me t’Moorcock ‘n’ back?”

That was was one of those hot nights we have had recently so I woke early and lay awake pondering the meaning of life (you know what I mean!). Anyway I decided to get up and ride there on his prospective purchase (actually his wife’s …. sorry Carol!).

Here the figures speak for themselves….

The bike was a  Mountain bike style (so the tyres are not helping!) with a Bosch Performance Line motor and 400Wh (the smaller capacity/ 500 would be also available now and 620 next year!) battery.

The photo with ‘Range’ shows the minimum range left and as you can see I used about 2/5ths of the total battery to cover 24 mile. With a bit of maths this gives me a 60 mile range on that battery or 75 miles on a 500Wh) on a real Cumbria ride.

I wasn’t overworking either, I used plenty of power, my exercise comes WITHOUT getting into heart attack territory!

Sadly even I didn’t fancy a pint at 6 O’clock in the morning but it was a great ride out.

If you think an e-bike may suit you come and see us, we’ll make sure you get one that does what it says on t’tin!