how much power ?

Two of the biggest misconceptions about e-bikes are (1) they are too powerful (2) they are not powerful enough…  of course the answer depends on the kind of hills you expect to encounter and whether you want;


  • Maximum exercise with help on the steepest hills
  • A lot of help all the time
  • A combination of the above


A HUB MOTOR is the most basic (and the cheapest!)

It’s good for general riding and will certainly help you on the hills but it delivers a fixed power without sensing your effort. Generally they are the lowest powered motors

CRANK MOTORS feel exactly like riding a normal bike with the motor amplifying your own effort. As the going gets harder, the motor takes a bigger percentage of the strain.

The trend is definitely towards this ‘feel’but plenty of power in reserve which can be turned up and down at will.


Now here is a word of warning…the technological details can get confusing but all crank motors don’t have the same performance.

Even those of you who love to compare facts and figures will not be able to choose your perfect bike on GOOGLE!

[An F1 car looks great on paper but try driving to the pub!!!]

Also, new motor brands are appearing every year so it would be difficult to compare them all, we selflessly try to that and offer you the ones with the best usability and reliability.

UK LAW restricts e-bikes used on the road to a power of 250 Watts so why do some motors feel more powerful than others?

It’s just all TORQUE!

Ah yes the magic word…torque is not raw power but more the ability to deliver the power to the road (or hill!).  Different motors produce more or less torque depending on their internal design.

Why then don’t all motors have about the same torque?

That’s largely down to the manufacturers. High torque motors are heavier, more expensive and use more battery. You can’t have everything!

Just make sure the torque of your motor matches the purpose of your bike and the amount of help you need… and are prepared to pay-for.

The only way to know this is to come and try the range on the kind of terrain you will normally ride. NOT in a showroom or car-park!


EBikes don’t recharge themselves (there are some exceptions!) so you need to know how far you can ride on a charge right? Well here are a few factors to consider;

Battery capacity – some bikes are fixed, others let you choose the size you want. Bigger range = more expensive / weigh more.

Motor type

Weight of bike and rider + luggage.

Riding conditions – Hills, terrain, wind, temperature


Riding style – Lot of help / little help

Battery capacity is quoted in Ampere/hour (Ah) or Watt/hour

(just to confuse things).

Small light commuter bikes have small light batteries with range of as little as 10 miles

Trekking, touring and mountain bikes have bigger batteries with ranges of over 100 miles!


Manufacturers are not consistent in their range statements and there’s a lot of ambiguity! When a range says “up to” it generally means using minimum help on smooth ground with no hills! It’s best to come and discuss your needs with a professional before you decide.

Bosch supply motors for many of our brands.

Click on their interactive tool BELOW…

- "Don't worry it's

                   not that complicated!"

The bikes themselves are very similar to normal pedal cycles, with the exception that the frame components and brakes are ensured to be up to the job! Although there are some differences in the details, most eBikes are driven by either a Hub motor (in the front or rear wheel) or a Crank motor (drives the pedals). Powered by rechargeable battery, it provides assistance in varying degrees…only when you need it!

The rider can usually nowadays set how much assistance they want at any given time using a power level adjustment. Assistance can be turned off completely and you just have a normal bike. Power assist is limited to 15MPH in the UK

The technology is becoming more and more standardised as the product is refined so bikes are getting more similar (and easier) to ride.

There’s nothing scary about trying one, we have easy to ride bikes to get you started and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Book a private demo or just turn up.