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Information on the Performance Line CX supply situation:

Yes the new CX is revolutionary but if you’ve been holding on and can’t wait or live with uncertainty, the Shimano STEPS range is definitely worth a look… better to ride than the old CX … Come have a chat.


Model change with high customer orders

Since its introduction in 2016, the Performance Line CX has been the benchmark within the sporty eBike & eMTB segment and is used in large unit volumes by nearly all of our partner brands. With the introduction of the new CX generation in model year 2020, a virtually complete model change is taking place at Bosch and all bicycle manufacturers. This means that demand is already very high at the start of the model year as the brands would like to be represented with the new CX on the market at an early stage.

Increased demand: A challenge for production

Since the start of deliveries in July, the production volume has been increased continuously. It is, however, lagging behind our production schedule to date and is not keeping up with the high demand. Consequently, there is currently a delivery backlog with regard to the bicycle manufacturer’s orders.
To optimise the production ramp-up, we have deployed a team of experts who will, working closely with plant and suppliers, increase the production volume on an ongoing basis.
With an extensive package of measures, we will remedy all delivery backlogs during the first quarter of 2020.

What does this mean for your everyday sales activities?

Please anticipate that bicycle manufacturers may deliver your order of eBikes equipped with the Performance Line CX with a delay. Your customers who are interested in this system will possibly also be required to be patient.

We are aware that the supply situation regarding the new Bosch Performance Line CX is unsatisfactory for all concerned and apologise for the inconvenience.
We are confident that the Performance Line CX will once again enhance the eBike experience in model year 2020!