Oxygen Electric Bikes

Oxygen E-Bikes

The aim of the company is to introduce a new range of electric bicycles to the market as an alternative and eco-friendly form of transport.

We believe that, in these times of rising fuel costs and public transport fares, electric bicycles provide a fantastic solution for many commuters. But it’s not just commuters we thought of when designing our bikes – OXYGEN bicycles are for everybody who loves to cycle. They can get you from one place to another very quickly, while still giving you a good portion of exercise and a lot of fun.

The OXYGEN bicycles range has been designed to be comfortable and suitable for everybody, regardless of their age or style of riding. Whether you prefer an off-road bike ride in the mountains or a sightseeing trip on your bike, we promise to always have a bike that would suit your needs.

At Oxygen, we aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and the most effective and also eco-friendly form of transport.

Be active, be green, be happy… and enjoy your ride on Oxygen bicycle! : )

Our Oxygen Range