Real customer feedback…

Real customer feedback…

Feedback from happy owners of Bergamont e-horizon and Gepida Turisind.

…don’t know if it’s any use for your blog but I could go on all day about the freedom the bike’s given me.

my back hurts most of the time and my foot can also give me gyp, so walking is limited, tiring and often painful.
the bike is utterly wonderful and I can go on for miles and miles.
when back gets a bit tired I stand up on the pedals, stretch upwards with support from my old-fashioned handlebars, (fabulous view from up there!) and enjoy whizzing down a lane with zero effort!round here I go for a bike ride for fun, to get some fresh air, to have a break from the screen, to nip to the shops – SO much quicker than a car over short distance.
and yes, after a few months I’m using the elec assistance less. Someone today asked me ‘have you lost weight?’I invested in some new panniers  (the pnes in the photo are old and falling apart) and built a topbox which expands like a trailer tent above them when I have a lot to carry.

still haven’t got a rearview mirror yet – must do so before our ‘summer’ hols in Sept.
little ancient campervan, bikes, and a bottle or two, the bare necessities!
we can even charge the bikes with the van’s solar panel 🙂

I’m never going to be the sort of person who does ‘exercise’, but the bike has made me happily active and more outdoorsy than I’ve been for years.
Your vocation is adding to the mental health of the population; thank you.

enjoy your break,