Scott e Genius + Bosch 2020 Performance line CX – Decoupled – Demystified

The new Scott e-Genius electric mountain bike (EMTB) has just arrived here at Eden-e-Motion so we were very excited to get out on it. Mainly because of the much awaited and unique Bosch Performance Line CX motor and the new 625Wh Power Tube battery.

The weight saving of the new motor and the extended range of this 2020 flagship model would be enough to pique our curiosity but the $64,000 question is …. How does it feel to ride a motor that completely decouples from the pedals when switched off or when you reach the legal maximum speed of 15.5MPH?

Answer is ….. AMAZING.

Now, those of you who know me, will know that we are nothing if we’re not honest here and we never oversell… if a cheaper bike will suit you better we tell you and we’re honest about the good and bad points of everything we sell so here’s the caveat; there is a tiny hesitation when the freewheel decouples the motor at 15.5mph but boy, that’s nothing compared with the free feeling that comes when it’s fully decoupled…. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF e-BIKE TECHNOLOGY.

Sure, it comes at a price. The e-Genius here is £5399 but it is adorned with other lovely trinkets like FOX 36 suspension, dual lockout, 4 piston brakes and SRAM GX 12 speed chainset, dropper post etc etc.

This bike can really flatter your riding and provide ultimate comfort and stability on small bumps when trail riding or some fairly serious downhill runs. Looks great too, doesn’t it?

Do I want one? Definitely YES!

This is a dream spec. bike but if your budget is a bit more modest and realistic and (be honest with yourself…) you are not going to be the next downhill champion, some great full suspension bikes from the same stable start at £3700 and quality European made hard tails from about £2500 with the new motor.

If you love a bargain, the old CX motor has the same power, is a tad heavier but doesn’t decouple and we have some dream spec. bikes with FULL SUSPENSION starting from £2250.