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How green is an ebike?* 

An ebike emits ZERO CO2 – if renewable energy is used to charge the battery. However, if the average UK electricity is used (mix of fossil and renewable) the equivalent CO2 emissions would be 20g per mile

For an economical car:
• The emissions alone are about 500g per mile
• Without counting the refining of the petrol or diesel
• Without counting the CO2 emissions of the manufacturing process

So how green is your e-bike – in the worst case scenario an ebike will offset ALL its carbon emissions after replacing 621 miles of car journeys!

For the bikes themselves…

  • Noise Polution: Almost Zero
  • Noxious gasses: Zero
  • Microplastics: Almost Zero


Cost to run

If charged with your own solar power – Free

If charged at standard UK electricity rates – About 10p per full charge (50-100 miles)

(once a year service is typical, can be as little as £25)

Parking- Free

Road tax- None

Insurance – optional

License – Not required


Around 39% of UK adults – that’s around 20 million people – are failing to meet Government recommendations for physical activity.

Around 11.8million women across the UK are insufficiently active, compared to around 8.3million men.

Overall women are 36% more likely to be classified physically inactive then men.

The North West has the highest proportion of people who are not meeting the Government’s physical activity recommendations.

Almost half (47%) of the adult population in the North West – that’s 2.7million people – are physically inactive.

The World Health Organization ranks sedentary behaviour among the 10 leading causes of death worldwide.

The UK analysis of the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factors Study estimated that physical inactivity contributes to almost one in ten premature deaths from coronary heart disease, and one in six deaths from any cause.


  • More people are taking control of their own health needs as they move into their later years as the projections are that the NHS will no longer be able to provide all the care needed.
  • Entering older age fitter means less chronic illness and pain./ with regular exercise..
  • ACTIVE Life expectancy is increased by 5 years
  • Total Life expectancy by 15 years
  • Riding an e-bike is fun
  • You can make purposeful journeys
  • Exercising on an e-Bike is more efficient and less damaging to muscles and joints than a ‘normal’ bike
  • You still burn 80% of the calories of the same ride on a normal bike… but you ride more and further!