Shooting companion?

Here is the best cargo e-bike for Cumbria that has come onto our radar.

I’ve had one or two enquiries for such diverse uses as;

  • Carrying gun dogs and other
  • Carrying sheep feed
  • Shepherding on the fell
  • Carrying children

but all the bikes that have been available have invariably been designed for urban business use.

The Gepida Cargo bike is different  because of its conventional construction, dual purpose 26″ off-road tyres  that keep your centre of gravity low and dual batteries allowing it to carry loads over longer distances.

It’s reliable Bosch  motor and battery can carry a rider plus useful loads back and front, has easy change gears costs about 40 p to charge and will do over 100 miles for that! In silence, with as little or much help from you as you want.

Believe me, there is a huge bubbling ground swell of interest in ebikes for useful purposes and in a few years everyone will be using them.

Why not invest for your business? You’l be able to reclaim the VAT and reducing carbon footprint can only be a positive move for your business reputation.

This Model is £3750 (incl.VAT) but power range and gears can all be upgraded if required.

We Don’t have it in stock yet but can get one in a few days from the European factory.