Why E-Bike?

- "Our Customers have bought bikes for all sorts of reasons..."

To get a bit fitter or keep fit

Less streneous than walking or running, with an E-Bike the task of getting or keeping fit is no longer so daunting and it helps you go that extra mile!

Thanks to the E-Bikes assistance, keeping up with the grand-children isn’t “Mission Impossible” anymore.

Just cycling more, the bike actually comes out of the garage !

"Research shows the same journey on an e-bike uses only 15% less energy than a pedal cycle"

Rehabilitation from an accident or illness E-Bike provides a gentle and smooth start on the road to recovery.

Limited mobility but “not quite ready for a Mobility Scooter!”

With the help of a E-Bike keeping the remaining muscles in fit condition is easy and getting around is not a chore.

More Freedom = Less limitations and restrictions than riding a motorcycle, quadbike or car. Great “Get-around” transport for Caravan, Motorhome, canal boat, etc.

Saving money commuting or getting around – Doing your bit for the Environment

"An E-bike on the road is much healthier than a conventional bike in the garage!"


All forms of cycling are good for you. Cycling is a low-impact excercise that can be enjoted by people of all ages. Regular cycling has been proven to have many physical and mental health benefits. It is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of of health problems such as stroke, heart attack, some cancers, depression, diabetes, obesity and arthritis.

It’s true! E-Bikes are much more likely to overcome the energy barrier to “getting out there”. Since they are fun and require less effort than a conventional bike, they just beg to be ridden so you can you can experience the E-Bike grin! The best way to experience that is to come along and TRY ONE.

Spend more time with your loved ones – An E-Bike will allow you to join them on a ride even if you have a condition which would prevent you riding a normal bicycle.

Whether you are a cyclist who would like to go a bit further or one who is returning to cycling after a long period; an injury or illness may have prompted your enquiry or you would just like to leave the car at home and improve your fitness gradually then an electric bike is for YOU

Heart: Regular cycling can reduce the likelihood of heart attack.

Muscles: During cycling, most of the body’s muscles are activated. One week of inactivity reduces the strength of the muscular system by up to 50% and can harm them long-term.

Back pain: Correct cycling posture is optimum. Cyclic movement of the legs stimulates muscles in the lower back.

Joints: Cycling is more gentle to the joints than running or walking. The circular movement of cycling assists the transport of energy and other metabolic produces to the cartilages, reducing the likelihood of arthrosis.

Waistline: Cycling enables people who can’t move easily to exercise, increases fitness and stimulates the body’s fat metabolism.

Balance: Cycling produces the balance between exertion and relaxation.

Coordination: Moving both feet in circles while steering with both hands and your body weight is good practice for your coordination skils.

Mental Health: Cycling has a relaxing effect due to uniform movement which stabilizes physical and emotional functions.

Cycling & Health – What’s the Evidence?

We are not doctors but here is some evidence… Download from here (opens in new window)

E-Bikes are available in many shapes and sizes for all purposes. From folding commuters to full-on Mountain Bikes but they all have one thing in common – they make peddling a bike just that little bit EASIER.

The electric motor in your E-Bike gives you extra help only when you need it like :

Riding uphill

On a long ride

Into the wind

Getting you home