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Find the Right Bike for Me

It can be a bit daunting, knowing where to start your search for the best eBike for you.

Here at Eden-e-Motion, we believe that by listening your needs and wishes, together with a few other questions, we can help you find the right bike first time and avoid expensive mistakes.

Bike form

This is a questionnaire to help you find your perfect ebike. FiIl out the form below.

Using an e-bike

1. What is your main reason for getting ebike? *
2. How much do you know about ebikes already? *
3. What kind of riding will you be doing? *
This affects motor and battery, tyre choice and range, puncture resistance

bike specs

This will impact on your riding comfort.
This determines the size of the battery.

engine & parts

6. What kind of motor you are looking for? *
Crank has better torque/hill climbing ability… feels like a normal bike Hub very easy to pedal on flat and slight incline, tends to bog down on steep hills
7. What kind of gears you would like to have? *
This depends on how confident are you changing gears
8. What kind of frame your would prefer? *
Comfort or race, ahead or sit-up - think what will be your main riding terrain.

budget & servicing

9. Which of the following are important to you? *

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