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Terms of business

Sales and returns

Before you buy your bike you will have had chance to ensure that it meets your needs.

If you try a similar ‘demo’ bike and we order you a slightly different model, we will accurately describe the differences you can expect. Eg. larger or smaller frame, better or worse performance, longer or shorter range, more or less gears, higher handlebars etc.

This becomes our contract with you.

If we have omitted something materially affecting your ability to use the bike, then we will accept a return and offer a replacement or refund as long as the ebike is not removed from the shop.

In contract law, a consumer cannot claim if they simply change their mind about wanting the goods however we may at our discretion agree to an exchange product under the following conditions;

A return is made to the shop with 14 days of purchase The bike is undamaged, in re-sellable condition with no signs of wear.

A deduction of 15% will be made for costs incurred in re-selling the bike. Neither can a consumer claim if they chose the product themselves for a purpose that is neither obvious nor made known to the trader and they then find that the item is simply unsuitable for that purpose. For example, if a consumer buys a hedge trimmer and breaks it attempting to cut down a tree, they cannot make a claim unless the trader told them it would be suitable for tree-felling.

A consumer has no rights to claim for faults that appear as a result of fair wear and tear

Breakdown and Warranty

You are protected by the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

In addition to that, different manufacturers have different policies and we try to ensure we deal with ones who offer a fair deal. However it is very important that you read the documentation that came with with your bike, as this contains very important information about what’s covered and moreover who is responsible.

Bosch and Shimano for example offer a 2 year (limited) warranty on their motors, batteries and electronics parts. Gepida offer a lifetime warranty on their frames.

Wearing items like brakes and gears are not covered under warranty unless it can be proved they were defective from new.

Your warranty does not cover use of the bike outside that designated for it eg. Overloading or inappropriate terrain.