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Motors & Drive Systems

There is a large choice of drive systems out there.

Hub drive, Crank or mid-drive , All-in-1, DIY kits….

All e-drives make cycling easier but they work in vastly different ways and you need to know a few basic facts and try before you buy.

Hub motors

Are a bit old fashioned now but still have the advantage that they can (even though throttles we banned on new bikes in the UK from 2015) still offer you an effort-free ride on the flat or mild slope.

They are seeing a bit of a comeback in some light weight road bikes and commuters due to their lower cost and (if small enough!) weight.

They tend to “Bog-Down” on steep hills unless you can add quite a bit of your own effort.

CRAnk motors

Crank motors have taken their place as the most popular because although they can’t be fooled into giving you a free ride, they actually multiply your own effort so are less inclined to bog down on even the steepest hill and feel EXACTLY like riding a normal bike, only helping you when you need it and KEEPING YOU FIT.

​Watch out though ..the maximum power by law in the UK is 250W (don’t confuse this with the battery size, 400 or 500Wh) but the maximum TORQUE produced by different motors is VASTLY different….. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Buying guide

Every brand rides a bit different, sounds a bit different and has it’s good and bad points.

. . . but as long as it’s RELIABLE, it’s a matter of what suits YOU.

New motor brands are coming along all the time. Some filling a gap in the market, others just a me-too.

Our personal opinion is to wait until they have a few years in the field before you opt for a new brand.

BOSCH and SHIMANO have a lot of of experience making motors.

It’s important that your dealer has the right diagnostic hardware and software for your motor and knows how to use it.

Our workshop is accredited by the brands below. We attend regular training and updates so that we can keep motor, drive train and electrical system up-to-date and running at its best.

E-bike brands

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