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2021: A year of continuing delays and challenges for the ebike industry

2021: A year of continuing delays and challenges for the ebike industry

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

With the new COVID 19 vaccines we are all hoping for a much better 2021 than 2020 and cycling will continue to grow in popularity thanks to the boost it was given during the pandemic.

Briefly….. 1. During the first lockdowns people wanted to exercise and realised the benefits of cycling for physical and mental wellbeing. 2. The world sold out of bikes and the manufacturers used all the components the could get, to assemble bikes. Manufacture of bikes components was like everything else affected by the virus. Everything from assembly to R&D was (and still is) running at reduced capacity.

Meantime… People globally have discovered and re-discovered the joy of cycling and it’s positive influence on the self and the environment. It looks like demand will remain very strong for bikes in 2021 and well beyond.

What can we do to help? 1. We have ordered the types of bikes that we know our customers have in the past been happy with. 2. We have great relationships with our long-standing suppliers which means we get a heads-up when bikes or manufacturing capacity become available. 3. Our experience and market knowledge allow us to find genuine alternative bikes for our customers and clearly explain their pros and cons. 4. Our workshop can help keep your current bike in good shape or make it more comfortable for example, until a better one comes along.

We are just doing what we always did but with a few more challenges along the way! We still have a range of demo bikes and bikes for sale and we can order variations from the suppliers stock. we still encourage you to ride some options on our quiet lanes and big hills.

What should YOU do

  • ORDER EARLY if you want to ride this summer.
  • All bikes, even those bikes ordered last year are delayed
  • We are in lockdown but you can still call us

If you know someone who is serious about getting an eBike this year, please share this with them.

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