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Avoid Impulse "Sale" Purchase

Updated: Dec 26, 2020


Please read this through (link below, it’s fascinating) and if you agree, like and share it widely. It absolutely reflects our mindset at Eden-e-Motion not only with our bikes but everything we do.

There are so many points I would like to pick-up on but I’m just going to say…

1. Buy what you need

… not something with a more expensive ticket price, someone has been incentivised to sell you at a discount. It may not be a bargain for you!

2. After sales service

Think about what after sales service you need and will get. If the shop sells you something at a fair price you can be sure they (well in our case anyway) will treat you fairly throughout your ownership, probably not the case if they have been forced to discount the bike to get rid of it.

3. Last year’s anything is still last year’s

… ask someone who bought the old Bosch CX motor without realising that the 2020 model is technologically so much better.

4. Components

In the trade, we know which bikes are “priced-up” only to be discounted … see what Tori says about saving money on components.

Sure, the bike looks shiny and tempting and the salesman will tell you it’s the best but he’s paid to say that. Look at the components like the frame welds, gearing, the chain, the bearings, even the paint; that will soon tell you if it’s class act genuinely discounted or just a bauble!

Finally I had a guy come in the shop who has bought a shiny electric mountain bike at a huge discount, it was an impulse and “Last One” so he was under pressure.

It was:

  • Too big for him
  • It had a basic motor and a small battery
  • He couldn’t ride it as it was too tall to get over in the first place and uncomfortable as he wanted to ride mainly on the road.

He wanted and needed an ebike but a step through with or without a bit more power would have been much better for him… and would have cost less. He is never going off road but maybe in the heat of the deal saw this as an added bonus!

Sometimes we can take these things as part exchanges and find the right home for them. In this case the package would have been difficult to re-sell (the original shop must have been happy to get rid!)


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