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CAVEAT EMPTOR – Buyer beware!

CAVEAT EMPTOR - Buyer beware!

Good Morning My husband purchased an ebike online back in September last year ( with hindsight not one of his better ideas). Since he’s had it there have been ongoing problems with the electrics,bike starts ok but dies on every occasion within a few hundred yards of home. It is kept indoors so no chance of damp etc. We have contacted the company purchased from,but they are less than helpful. My husband assumed obviously incorrectly that he had a year’s warranty,which they deny though they don’t state how long the warranty is.

Just enquiring if it would be possible for you to check it over,as we live in ********* so easier to bring it to you than trying to package it up to return to ****** ***** . Hope you can assist,sadly he didn’t check locally as he would have paid you a visit . Kind regards, X

Hi, thanks for getting in touch.

I have seen a few models of these and sadly not managed to satisfactorily get one going again even after replacing components costing hundreds. (since one faulty component can immediately wreck another, the only thing to do is replace all the electronics simultaneously)

As this bike is less than a year old I think you should talk to citizens advice and get some consumer advice, especially as you bought it online.

Should you be able to recover your money, we have some fantastic bikes around that price that are totally reliable with a 1 or even 2 year warranty as standard.

Sorry not to bring better news, we can of course fix any bike we know but those we don’t know, we leave to their original suppliers for the reasons above. If however you get no joy there, we have a list of physical (not electronic) checks for standard issues that could be causing it but that’s a long shot on a bike this age. We would have to charge up front for that (£30 minimum).

PS we do have boxes if you have to return the bike which I hope you do! There is a charge of £25 but refundable if you eventually get a bike from us.

With very best wishes, Paul

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