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Customer Review – Bergamont E-horizon

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Hi Paul

Having now been the proud owner for four weeks of the e-bike I bought from you I really have to tell you how much this bike is changing my life.

As you know, 18 months ago a problem with my back suddenly prevented me from walking even the short distance from my home to the town and I thought I would never be able to fell-walk again. But I needed to keep fit, just in case, so I took up regular cycling to replace the fell-walking. This has kept me fit but I’ve never got that much pleasure from it as I wasn’t able to get up the steep hills on to the moors.

Then you brought your e-bike business to Hartley. For many months I stuck to my belief that an e-bike would spell the end of my physical fitness and that it was something for the future, not for now; at this stage in my life I would never have given it any serious thought had I not passed your door almost every day.

But hiring an e-bike proved me wrong and convinced me that buying one sooner rather than later was the best way forward. Now I am able to go out for really long rides, allowing me to experience the joy of being right up in the hills and on the moors and, although it is not the same as being on foot in the mountains, it is surely the next best thing.

So thank you Paul for gently bringing me to this point and for facilitating the transition from inadequate and unfulfilled cyclist to joyful, high-country, two-wheeled and electrically-charged adventurer!

Best wishes


Sadly, Jill didn’t send a picture so I used a picture of other happy customers.

I have many customers like Jill who would be happy to talk through their ebiking experiences with you … just ask.


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