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Electric Mountain Bikes – We Are Growing!

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

The word is spreading folks, we are also an e-MTB shop! It’s probably even more important with an e-MTB to buy from a specialist bike shop as it can be a minefield of size, GEOMETRY, cockpit layout, suspension setup etc. all of which can hugely affect your ride enjoyment and performance.

You wouldn’t take a formula 1 car on a rally so get some advice about what would best suit your riding aspirations and don’t buy the wrong frame and components for you, just because of what it says on the down tube! (or even worse, just because it was Black Friday!!)

We don’t claim to be champions or experts … hey, come-on some of you have seen me ride!… but we do listen and are happy to debate!

We can also get demo bikes that you can get REALLY MUDDY from our suppliers to be 100% sure you made the right decision.

Come and have a chat and a coffee.


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