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Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Motorhomes are great. We have one and wouldn’t be without even though we don’t get to use it as much as we would like. On our shop-closed days (Tues and Weds, just so you know) we love to get away for a change of scenery even if it’s only to the borders or Whitby or N.Wales … we are away and free! Our big trip is to visit Kat’s mum and dad, when we pack up the kitchen sink and the dog and haul off to Finland!

With an old dog, we don’t go far from the campsite nowadays so once we are camped and levelled, we are camped, thats it!That’s when we realise that we don’t have any (delete as applicable) milk, wine, bread, butter, batteries, washing-up liquid, shampoo, contact lens pots and solution, book, magazine … you get the idea and if you are motorhomers you will know the feeling!

e-bikes can offer you a solution. With a range of up to 70 miles on a charge and the power to take you anywhere, even if you are not a cyclist they offer an immediate solution.

That range comes from a charge that costs about 25p and can be done from a hookup, solar panel or inverter as the charger only draws about 2A and it means that the motorhome stays put in the spot you carefully chose with water and electricity connected.

As I said, we don’t move far these days but on the odd occasion we have been able to take both e-bikes, we have enjoyed exploring the new surroundings without reversing on narrow lanes, width and height limits, narrow car parking spaces and fighting about who gets the glass of wine with dinner and we get to keep our favourite pitch!

So what’s the best bike to go with a motorhome?

Well our motorhome is a proper vintage Roller Team and came with a tow-bar already fitted so we have a rack that fits directly on there which means we can easily carry 2 ebikes of our choice (there are some perks of owning the shop!) but otherwise you may have a garage with restricted size or a rack with restricted weight which will limit your choice. (remember your overall weight and axle weight though, nothing comes for free these days!).

That’s why I thought I’d show you this.

Folding bikes are useful to put in a garage or even inside the motorhome but they are a bit utilitarian in their function (so great to get the shopping but hard work for exploring the lanes). The bike in the picture is our solution, it’s called a “compact” bike and we have added a few goodies to adapt it for motorhoming.

Unlike a full folder, it rides largely like a ‘real’ bike due to it’s stiffness so a day in the saddle is a pleasure, not a chore. It’s light for an ebike at 19kg (<17kg without battery which is easily removed) so easy to lift in and out or onto a rack. It’s a full Bosch e-bike system with hub gears so you don’t need to be a regular cyclist to get the best from it. It has a range of around 50 miles on a charge even under challenging conditions.

It has integrated automatic lights and can be fitted with a rack and carrier bag or panniers.

Now here’s the real secret… we have added folding pedals and stem which means the the whole bike will sit flat against the wall of the garage (its only 170cm [5’6”] long and 20cm [8″] wide ) or fit easily 2 bikes on a rack. (check your weight limit) and there’s a bonus … the folding stem includes an anti-theft device which requires a key to ride (or even move) so it’s a deterrent to theft.

If you enjoy motorhoming and are thinking about a solution to this problem, this could be it. Unlike a scooter, ebikes will keep you fit and there’s no legal registration, tax, insurance (especially abroad), helmets, servicing and repairs and spare fuel to worry about and if the battery runs flat, well you can still easily pedal them home. They are zero emissions too so very good for the environment as well.

(They are also much lighter so you can take more wine!)

If you are curious to find out more just get in touch. They cost around £2100 [depending on extras] and come with a 2 year warranty and the Bosch spares availability promise.

We also have a fully folding version and other folding bikes. Please contact us for details.


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