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Updated: Dec 26, 2020

But do we really value it? Well in my experience with customers, yes we usually do. Typically when a customer comes to the shop, they are just starting to think about owning an electric bike and having some idea of the benefits and technology. They may have hired one or tried a friend or neighbour’s but hardly anyone comes in and orders a bike straight-off.

[NOTE: Most ebike owners are only too happy to let you have a go if you ask them. They have first hand experience of what a life-changer they are and are only too willing to help others share the benefits.]

Don’t take me wrong. We love our jobs and get huge satisfaction from getting you on the right bike and even getting the right bike fitted exactly to you . This process usually takes several hours (and cups of coffee!) but at the end [you] the customer knows exactly which bike they want/need. We are happy to provide this personalised service to differentiate us from the big chains who can’t provide it but not if the customer then chooses to go and buy online, or even worse.. buy a completely different ‘bargain’ somewhere else!

Just ask yourself would I risk that with a pair of walking boots???

Anyway it’s been a mixed year but I’m glad that you have been able to get out on your ebikes (and normal bikes) a bit. It’s been strange also that the numbers of bikes coming in for service has increased this month. Getting ready for the ‘season’?

One of the main bugbears seems to be gear problems. Bad-changing gears leads to a great deal of lost enjoyment and even loss of use of your bike as climbing hills gets even more difficult. An ebike can solve this problem of course but a dirty and worn chain and sprockets can easily be fixed to keep your old bike rolling! A clean and well-oiled chain often feels like a new bike.

If you are thinking about an ebike, now is a really good time. . . . Next season’s bikes are starting to arrive and there is still some stock and a calm relaxed atmosphere to try them. Leave it late and your choice will be narrowed!


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