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Updated: Dec 26, 2020

“If you want to purchase an electric bike from people who are interested in making sure that you buy the right bike for your needs and not necessarily the most expensive models, you must visit Paul & Kat. They spent a great deal of time with us both providing advice and guidance from male and female perspectives to ensure we made the right choices. A lovely friendly couple who continue to provide us with fantastic after sales service and general advice.”


Hi Paul,

Jen and I were out for a thirty mile trip today, and it was hugely enjoyable. Jen comments it’s nice not to have me clanking along behind her on my old bike! Thanks again for spending time with us, it does make a big difference to be able to try various e-bikes in a leisurely fashion, and I’m very pleased with the Eljoy.

Ian & Jen

“Hi Paul,

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the cycle home! I’d forgotten how enjoyable cycling can be and consequently a 16 mile ride turned into a 26 mile ride. Who knew cycling up hills could be so much fun? One of my concerns about buying the bike was that I might not use it enough to justify the outlay – I really don’t think that will be a problem!

Thanks for all your help and advice.”


“Not a lot of stock but the industry is under serious pressure, always a good chat and keeps me up to date with improvements, which in this pastime is constantly changing. Very knowledgeable and pleasant to all, top guy. Back in September with a full shop promised. 5 star.”

John David Wood

our response:

Thanks David. Some suppliers have been in touch and promised stock, especially those Riese and Muller bikes we discussed and Ideal Bicycles. We will be monitoring the situation closely and ordering suitable bikes so we will be able to get most people on the right bike for their needs. Look forward to seeing you then Paul & Kat.

“Paul was really helpfully and knowledgable to get the perfect bike for me.

He is really honest and great to deal with.

I will be returning for my next bike.”

Andrew Clarke

“We called in on Paul and Kat’s e-bike shop after being told by a friend to check out what they have to offer. We are relatively new to the cycling thing and approaching Paul and Kat for advice being past the 1st and possibly 2nd flush of youth, what we might need. Everything was explained to us about different drives etc in a relaxed way , we rode every kind of bike to get a feel for what’s out there, we chatted laughed, had coffee and cake too then Paul took us up a steep hill in the village to demonstrate the motor power.

Coming back base we chatted more and we decided to purchase, there was no hard sell only friendly good advice…..Call in and have a chat, you will be made welcome.”

Michael Hullock

“Outstanding service from Eden-E-Motion! I could not ask for more. Received excellent advice tailored to my needs from both Kat and Paul while I tried out numerous bikes on the undulating roads surrounding the shop before settling on my choice. My bike was delivered to my house a few days later with several modifications I had requested and a full handover from Paul. He even returned a few days later to make a further adjustment for me. This is fantastic customer service bearing in mind I live a good half hour drive from the shop. I was drawn to the idea of buying an e-bike during recovery from a heart attack. As I live in a valley surrounded by hills it requires a considerable fitness level for anyone to cycle out of the village and the bike has meant I can now do it with ease. I am delighted with my purchase and would highly recommend Eden-E-Motion.”

Gwyneth Timson

“What a fabulous shop. Paul and his wife were extremely helpful and informative. They gave me lots of brilliant advice on how to embark on buying an e-bike. There was no hard sell just passion about the product.

I would recommend this shop to anyone wishing to buy an e-bike.”

Sue Hill

“I had wanted an electric bike for ages, had visited many bike shops and seen a lots of e-bikes! The huge range (models and price) available just left me confused!

I felt that Paul, as an e-bike specialist, was able to offer expert information and advice, and suggest bikes appropriate to my individual needs. Over a couple of visits, I test-rode several different bikes and asked a lot of questions. Paul was patient, extremely knowledgeable and I never felt under any pressure to buy.

Finally, when I felt confident in the choice I was making, Paul indeed went the extra mile in acquiring a non-stock item, a Roodog Striker, which I now own!

I also feel reassured in the excellent after sales support and servicing available at Eden e-Motion.

Thanks Paul – and Kat! – for making buying an e-bike such a positive and fun experience!”

Paula Bradley

“After deciding to take the plunge and by an e bike I did my research. Chose the one I wanted and looked for a Cumbrian stockist, hey presto eden e-motion! Fantastic service, lovely couple and on hand if anything goes wrong. We were made to feel right at home, no question too daft to ask and my Roo Dog Polka Dot is fantastic! Thank you so much.”

Sue Hannan

“Great choice of bikes and fantastic personalised service. Paul, the owner, understood my needs and advised with knowledge and experience. Fantastic, FIVE STARS, would definitely recommend.”

Norah Rowley

“Still loving the bike, even without the battery – it’s such a great ride, I’m really enjoying it, and using it much more than my old bike. Got soaked last week – icy cold rain and wind – so just put it up to full battery and got home in half the time!”

Annie, Cambs

“Bought the freego folder a week ago. Maiden ride in West Cumbria very successful. Its a great feeling being back on a bike after 30 only made better by having a motor that assisted me to flying pass my very fit partner up the steep Cumbrian hills. However none of this would have happened without the knowledge, professionalism and patience of Paul the owner of Eden-e-motion who spent time listening to my needs and wants and allowed me multiple trials up and down the lane. Although I wanted the Wren model Paul knew I would struggle getting it in and out of the car and gratefully I listened to him because he was right. The folder is perfect for taking to and from my bike ride start and finish location by car. I hope to become confident enough to ride from my front door in the city soon. Thank you Paul for contributing to the start of an important life style change for me.

I would recommend Paul’s person centred approach and excellent customer service. Best retail therapy experience I have had in a very long time.”

Stephanie Connell

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