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Trouble With Changing Gears Go Fully Automatic.

Fully automatic gear shifting for ebikes with SHIMANO STEPS and Nexus Di2 hubs

A new product has been released by Shimano to make automatic gear shifting possible for e-bikes.

The Nexus hub with Di2 electronic shifting capability now takes gear shifting a step further by automatically selecting the best gear based on a rider’s cadence and speed.

That means riders don’t have to worry about which gear to select, the bike will always choose the optimum gear based on speed and the pressure the rider puts through the pedal cranks.

When activated, the SHIMANO STEPS system automatically gives a signal to the Di2 hub to shift to the matching gear.

Alternatively, if the rider wants to take control, they can simply turn the unit to manual electronic shifting via the handlebar switch to change gear manually.

In automatic shift mode the drive unit temporarily reduces the chain tension while pedaling, which allows the hub to automatically change to the correct gear. This is especially useful when a rider is not used to shifting gears or suddenly needs to stop. The result is a smoother riding experience, one where a rider can focus on what’s ahead, rather than worrying about which gear they are riding in.

The system was tested across a variety of terrain including flat areas and hilly areas, from cobble-stoned villages and cycleways to busy cities, to ensure perfect performance with fast cadence, high power or stop-and-go accelerations.

The system also adds a further advantage with the ability to learn from a rider’s riding style and preference for cadence and power, so the rider can change the default RPM settings at which the hub changes gear.

Shimano is the only brand to offer automatic and electronic gear shifting as a complete system, making for an easy and stress-free riding experience, and a responsive and personalized performance.

At the time of writing, there is a global shortage of bikes so better to hold off until the new 2021 models start to appear around September 2020.


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